Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Beginnings of a Garden

As of this morning, I've officially begun the hands-on work of my garden planning. For the past year or so, Cameron has been reading into, absorbing, and investigating all the information he can get his hands on about organic gardening. We ordered seeds from here: Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, and they arrived the other day. So now the garden can actually take shape. This week, we plan to start our first batch of indoor plantings. That will be easy, because this early in the season, we're limited to what we need to start. We'll start our onions and asparagus for now. March and April will be the busiest with gardening and planting, as we'll be digging the garden itself and trying to keep track of what goes where and when. What a lovely experiment and challenge to embark on together! I'm so grateful for Cam's willingness to dive into this endeavor with as much (read: more) intention and determination than I've been able to muster up until this point.

Today, with all of our plans and hopes and garden dreams swirling about, I knew that organization needed happen before chaos took over. So I updated our Home Binder (more on that at another time, but basically, to keep our ideas and goals in order, we have a binder with projects, ideas, etc etc listed) to include a gardening section. We'll have a new section for each year we garden. We'll "journal" informally as we go through each step, so that we can easily look back and see what we've done and what we need to change in the future. And this blog will house pictures and garden ramblings as well, because let's face it, the garden will most likely be our pride and joy (and possibly our biggest failure) this summer.

~*How fair is a garden amid the trials and passions of existence.*~

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